Updated by 2021/07/12

Group introduction

In 2019, the National Institute of Healthcare Data Science at Nanjing University was established to pursue multidisciplinary collaboration and research. The institute consists of three platforms, the big-data and artificial intelligence platform from the school of computer science, the clinical trials platform from the school of medicine and the translational medicine and international collaboration platform from the school of business. By 2021, the clinical trials platform runs two major clinical trials groups, the Chinese Acute Pancreatitis Clinical Trials Group(CAPCTG) and the Chinese Critical Care Nutrition trials Group(CCCNTG), both dedicating to organizing nationwide trials across China. Since the inception of the research network, we have conducted several multi-center randomized controlled trials involving more than 100 participating sites and thousands of patients. With the progressive integration of the three platforms, we aimed to share our expertise and improve future clinical practice with our high-quality trials and data mining techniques.

Professor Li Weiqin

BSc MD PhD (H:24; Pubs: 170; C: 2160; patents: 14)

Prof Li is a Yangtze River Scholar and the Director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine, Jinling Hospital and Co-director of National institute of Healthcare Data Science at Nanjing University. As a surgeon and intensivist, Prof Li was among the first group of doctors dispatched to Wuhan. He worked as a section chief at Huoshenshan Hospital, (Field hospital built in 7 days to treat critically-ill COVID-19 patient). As the Co-chair of the Chinese Society of Critical Medicine, Prof Li found the Chinese critical care nutrition trials group (CCCNTG) to study nutritional therapy in critically ill patients