The platform is led by ``Yangtze River scholars`` from the Ministry of education and top-notch military talents

Li Weiqin, the leader, published 173 SCI papers and won the second prize of science and technology progress in Colleges and universities, the second prize of military science and technology progress, the second prize of military medical achievements, the first prize of science and technology progress in Jiangsu Province and the second prize of science and technology progress in Jiangsu Province.

More than 3500 patients were admitted and 84.9% of them were referred to hospitals at all levels of 28 provinces (cities) in China

We have accumulated rich experience in ICU treatment, early enteral nutrition, minimally invasive treatment, abdominal hypertension, intestinal fistula, abdominal hemorrhage and portal vein thrombosis of severe acute pancreatitis.

Relying on the largest and most effective referral center for severe pancreatitis in China

Li Weiqin led the team to conduct a systematic study on severe acute pancreatitis, and made a major breakthrough in the treatment, which reduced the mortality of severe acute pancreatitis from 20.4% to 5.6%, and significantly reduced the length of hospital stay and cost.

Working with the national multidisciplinary team to promote the standardized diagnosis and treatment of acute pancreatitis

At present, we have built a surgical ICU, a recovery ward and a laboratory. The clinical database and clinical specimen database of severe acute pancreatitis were established, and the multidisciplinary standardized diagnosis and treatment network platform apnet was established for grass-roots and remote areas.