Clever AP mid-term seminar

Clever AP mid-term seminar

On December 4, 2021, the Mid-term Seminar on “A Clinical Trial comparing Balanced Crystalloids versus Saline in Predicted Severe Acute Pancreatitis Patients-A Multicenter Randomized Clinical Trial (CLEVER-AP) ” was conducted in Jinling hospital. The meeting was held online, attended by Clinical Professors Weiqin Li, Zhihui Tong, Lu Ke, and Bo Ye, statistical and methodological Professor Yuxiu Liu. , and invited participants from various centers across the country to exchange views on the current methods and related issues in operation. The meeting was hosted by Jinling hospital, and Jiangsu Enhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

The meeting was first welcomed by Professor Weiqin Li. Professor Li said that the CLEVER -AP research has been recruited subjects since April 2021, and running for more than seven months, with more than half of the subjects recruited. He also said that the team is gradually maturing, which was inseparable from the efforts of each participant, for which he expressed his sincere gratitude to all the participants.

After the speech, Professor Yuxiu Liu introduced how to ensure the quality of clinical trials in the research process in four aspects: the overview of cluster randomized trials, the ethical challenges, the key points of the quality of implementation, and the balance of crystalloid versus saline.

Professor Lu Ke then concluded with the question “Where are we? Where can I go? “, and compared the CLEVER-AP study with other high-quality studies related to pancreatitis, then clarified the goals and directions of the next step from a macroscopic perspective. At the end of the meeting, Professor Bo Ye, the project manager, explained in detail the main problems existed in the operation and the problems needed attention in the follow-up. In the final, the participants of the sub-centers talked about the difficulties such as time constraints and unstable conditions in the research process.

At the end of the meeting, Professor Weiqin Li made a summary, shared his own experiences, and looked forward to the high-level and high-quality results. Only by reaching the standard of each link from the research design to concrete implementation, can high-quality results be produced and the final goal achieved. In addition to raising, anticipating and avoiding problems, this mid-term seminar had also enhanced and stimulated the motivation and passion of the participants. It is believed that this conference is of great significance to promote the high-quality completion of CLEVER-AP trial.