International celebrities gather in Nanjing to establish “global pancreatic Talents Training Alliance”


From October 11 to 14, sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission and our hospital, the “2018 Nanjing pancreas international summit” was held in Nanjing International Youth Conference Center, which was jointly organized by the pancreaticobiliary center of the hospital and Jiangsu Medical Association. Top experts and scholars from eight countries in the world, including China, Germany, the United States and Japan, have conducted in-depth discussions on many hot issues in this field.

It is reported that the conference is a large-scale academic conference in the field of pancreatic disease in China. Simultaneous interpretation and live webcast are provided to provide real-time academic exchange conditions for the participants in the conference, so as to build a communication bridge between the clinical medicine and basic research of pancreatic cancer and acute and chronic pancreatitis in China and the international frontier development.

The opening ceremony of the conference was opened in a speech by Professor Miao Yi, director of pancreaticobiliary center and President of the conference. Wang Yonghong, director of the medical and Health Sports Committee of Jiangsu Provincial CPPCC, congratulated the successful holding of the Nanjing International Summit on pancreas; Professor Tang Jinhai, President of the CPPCC, introduced the basic situation of the hospital and the achievements of the pancreaticobiliary center of the hospital in recent years; Professor Chen Xiaoping, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of science and technology, affirmed the contribution of the pancreaticobiliary center to the development of pancreatic surgery in China; Jiangsu Province The one belt, one road, was introduced by Tan Ying, director of the Jiangsu Municipal Planning Commission.

At the opening ceremony, Professor Markus W. B ü chler of Heidelberg University in Germany, Professor Castillo of Harvard University in the United States, Professor Miao Yi of Nanjing Medical University, Professor Wolfgang of Johns Hopkins University in the United States and Professor takaori of Kyoto University in Japan jointly signed the “global pancreatic Talent Training Alliance” plan, which aims to better cultivate reserve talents of pancreatic specialty.

In the special report of the conference, experts and scholars from China, Switzerland, Japan, India and other countries respectively reported the experience of each center and the latest clinical and basic research progress on the diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer and acute and chronic pancreatitis.

Professor Miao Yi and Professor Jiang Kuirong of the pancreatic center, Professor Qin Renyi of the Department of biliary and pancreatic surgery of Tongji Hospital in Wuhan, and Professor Peng Chenghong of the Department of pancreatic hepatobiliary surgery of Ruijin Hospital of Medical College of Shanghai Jiaotong University demonstrated the top surgical techniques on all surgical platforms.

During the meeting, the “2018 speech contest on improving the quality of enteral nutrition care – East China regional finals” was also successfully concluded, with Dr. Peng Yunpeng and nurse Zhang Ru of pancreaticobiliary center taking the lead.