John Albert Windsor

The founder of the Department of pancreas, Auckland University, New Zealand; a world-famous expert in pancreatic diseases, and the pioneer of early fluid resuscitation.

Focusing on intestinal function and the role of enteral nutrition in pancreatitis for a long time, he proposed the concepts of gut routing, early enteral nutrition and pancreatic intestinal interaction, and is one of the founders of “diagnostic criteria for acute pancreatitis based on determinant (DBC classification)”. He published 357 SCI papers with a total of 7563 citations as the first author / corresponding author. He is the deputy editor of World Journal of Gastroenterology and Pancreatology; special editor of ANZ Journal of surgery (pancrease); editorial board member of JAMA surgery, British Journal of surgery and other surgical journals; reviewer of New England Journal of medicine, the lancet, annals of surgery, British Journal of surgery, and one of the constitutors of International Association of Pancreas (IAP) guidelines.